Tips For Keeping Your Webpage In The Top Ranks In Google Search

All websites aim to rank high in the google search pages. Most businesses know that people tend to only look at the first page of results before rephrasing the sentence and trying their search again. Only about 25% to 30% of the search population tend to go onto the 2nd and 3rd search pages. So, it is necessary that businesses optimize their websites to rank high in the google search page in order to get traffic to their page.

RankBrain has been declared to be one of the top three ranking factors by Google. RankBrain is Google’s machine learning AI system. It handles ambiguous or unique questions that has not been asked before. 15% of everyday searches is unique and different. Which means that 450million searches a day is a new search. Machine learning is therefore necessary to meet this demand and enable search marketers to answer queries as relevant and effect as possible to optimize for better Google rankings.

When you are hosting a web page in order for it to rank you need to have unique and relevant content that is useful to your target audience. Content has been named an instrumental factor in a web page ranking in a search. Andrey Lipattsev, the Search Quality Senior Strategist of Google Inc. named content to be a factor in helping a website rank in his video on the three top ranking factors. Hosting Australia a website hosting company in Australia is a very popular company that has proven to optimize its web pages that are rich in content.

Linking web pages within the same site and external links to the web page is another instrumental factor in optimizing the web site to rank in Google. Again Andrey Lipattsev confirmed this during his video interview on the top three ranking factors. So providing links that are relevant to your content would be a good idea to increase your ratings. Australia hosting companies are also now following this trend in order to give their clients optimized web pages.

Even though it is not the ideal method and is not organic, at some point you to make some payments to Google to rank your website. Optimizing the web page through the above three factors alone may sometimes prove to be less effective. You can pay for Google Adwords which uses the PPC (Pay Per Click) method to optimize web pages. With Google Adwords you only need to pay when people click on to your web age through Adwords.